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Learn Vedic meditation with Jonni Pollard @ Omega Institute, NY

Trade in stress, anxiety, and fatigue for deep peace, confidence, and increased energy through the ancient practice of Vedic meditation. A 5,000 year-old technique, Vedic meditation is an effortless, accessible practice that allows the body to fall into deep rest and the mind to expand into self-awareness.

Led by Jonni Pollard, a student of Vedic masters for more than 20 years, you learn a new way of looking at well-being where the experience of self-awareness generated through deep rest becomes the foundation for cultivating and sustaining it.

The daily practice of Vedic meditation removes stress and fatigue from your system and automatically gives rise to greater capability to meet the demands of life with a sense of enthusiasm and joy. Pollard shares a simple but highly effective formula to integrate meditation into your daily life and to recognize the habits and beliefs that distract you from prioritizing your well-being.

Cost (not including stay
$325 members
$360 non members

Learning this technique usually costs $880. This is a rare opportunity to learn at such a low cost in an immersive retreat setting in such a magnificent location.