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The Golden Sequence Workshop - Melbourne Australia

The Golden Sequence is a technique for reclaiming your personal power and living your deepest purpose in each moment. Based on the teachings of his newly released book ‘The Golden Sequence’, Jonni Pollard will be offering this teaching for the first time in Australia. This course is designed those looking to deepen their meditation practice as well as those looking to teach meditation.
The Golden Sequence technique leads us from disconnection, fear, anxiety and defensiveness, back into our deepest nature of self-love, wisdom and confidence. At the heart of this teaching is the ancient knowledge of how to embody our greatest power of love and wisdom that is inherent in each of us.
The training is loaded with practical techniques and interactive exercises so that you can embody the practice as you learn it. Each participant of the workshop will receive a copy of The Golden Sequence book as a manual to support their daily practice.