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  • One Roof Australia 77-79 City Road Southbank, VIC, 3006 Australia (map)

Come and hear Vedic meditation master teacher, Jonni Pollard give a FREE intro talk on why learning Vedic Meditation is a great idea May 16 at 7pm. If you are someone desiring to feel less stressed and tired, more energized, more present, more creative, less anxious and depressed, more clear and confident, more connected and loving, this is definately for you. 

Jonni will share the proven benefits of this profoundly powerful technique, how it works, why it works and give you plenty of time to ask questions. You will then have the opportunity to sign up for the course running in the evenings during the week of the 17-20 May starting at 7pm each evening. For more deatils on the course, see below.

The intro talk is not limited to numbers, however the course will be. Please register your interest with Sheree Rubinstein:

Learn Vedic Meditation with Jonni Pollard, May 16-20
One Roof , 77-79 City Rd South Melbourne
7-9pm each night.
$850 special rate for One Roof Members + family and friends
$1200 non-members

What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic Meditation is an effortless mental process that awakens the full potential of the mind and triggers deep rest and recovery from stress. It’s easy to learn, simple to practice, and in only a short period of time, you will experience a remarkable transformation in your eyes open experience of life.

What are the benefits?

Reduced stress, anxiety and fatigue,
improved concentration, focus and memory
Increased energy levels, creativity and self confidence. Improved sleep patterns and relief from insomnia, ability to make high-speed accurate decisions under pressure, less reactive and greater emotional stability, a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing.

The Misconceptions About Meditation

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is easy to learn and the benefits are expereinced immediatley. Learning doesn’t require any previous experience. Even those who consider themselves to have the busiest minds and feel it will be impossible for them to learn, can be easily taught to have deeply restlful meditative experiences in 4 short sessions.

The Course Structure

The course runs over 4 consecutive sessions lasting approximately 90-120 minutes each. On completion of the course, participants will have mastered the technique to practice anywhere, anytime. It is essential for all 4 sessions to be completed consecutively, as sequential knowledge is offered each day.

Introductory Talk- May 16 @7pm- 

This is a cost and obliagtion free talk to hear Jonni share with you exactly what VM is, how it works and why its great idea to learn it. There will be plenty of time for Q+A so you feel fully informed to make a decision if it is for you.

COURSE DAY ONE - During the first session you will be given your own personal mantra and the technique of how to use it. The group will meditate together and then examine the experiences to refine the understanding of the technique.

COURSE DAY TWO, THREE AND FOUR - Over the following three days we meditate together and continue to carefully examine and refine the technique, providing you with all the experience and know-how to be completely self-sufficient in your own practice. We examine the impact of stress on the body, the nature of the mind and how meditation is an incredibly powerful technique to manage stress and sustain wellbeing. On completeion of the course, you’ll have all the experience and knowledge


Included in the fee to learn Vedic meditation with Jonni, is a life time membership and follow up program. You will be eligible to retake the course as many times as you like for the rest of your life with him or any other Vedic meditation teacher around the world at no cost. It also entitles you to attend group meditation evenings held each week in Melbourne and in major cities around the world at no cost. This is the commitment that VM teachers make to their community of meditators


Jonni Pollard is an internationally sought after master meditation teacher who has dedicated his life to sharing the knowledge gained from some of the great living masters of our time. He specialises in teaching the art of wellbeing and awakening the minds greatest potential, so to live the most innovative and fulfilling life possible.

Studying and teaching for over 20 years, Jonni now travels the world as a personal consultant, mentor and teacher to high net worth individuals and families, CEO’s, executives, cultural leaders, political figures, professional athletes and celebrities.

Jonni is the Co-founder and Executive Director of 1 Giant Mind, a multi-national charitable organisation established to reduce stress related mental illness and lifestyle disease by delivering free digital meditation and wellbeing education programs to those in need.

Jonni is also a professional speaker and facilitator of mass meditation experiences. He has made hundred’s of presentations to a wide variety of audiences from corporate wellbeing programs to the main stage at music festivals in Australia and the US with 5,000+ participants.

He has been invited to present and collaborate with figures such as His holiness the Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to mention a few.

Jonni has become widely known for his abiity to teach absolutely anyone the simple art of meditation

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Later Event: May 28