Workplace wellbeing is becoming a new priority for organizations as they see a direct correlation between individual wellbeing and a company’s productivity and profits. A workforce that is healthier and happier means less sick days, less conflict, and a happier environment for everyone.

Emerging as a new leader in workplace wellbeing, Jonni is quickly building a reputation of successes across companies large and small. A recent study with Latrobe University documented the positive effects of meditation in the workplace when they examined Jonni’s comprehensive program with Swisse Wellness. The results demonstrated that meditation reduces stress in the workplace and significantly increases emotional intelligence. This directly correlates with increased productivity, efficiency, and general happiness throughout the entire organization.



Tier 1

Wellbeing Strategies in the Workplace

1.5 hour keynote presentation and Q+A. Some themes Jonni presents:

The science of stress management: recognizing the difference between good stress and bad stress. 

Work-life balance: learning how to prioritize. 

Non-defensive communication: interaction vs. reaction. 

Crisis management: recognizing the signs when it's time to change old ways. 

Creating a healthy corporate culture: the power of belonging to company you love. 

The art of win-win negotiation: winning doesn’t have to be when someone else loses

Tier 2

Corporate Meditation Program

(requires completion of Tier 1)

4 x 90 minute consecutive Learn to Meditate course at the workplace

Jonni’s corporate meditation program is his signature workplace offering. It empowers executives and staff to manage stress, increase wellbeing, and emotional intelligence, while contributing to a healthy, collaborative workplace. 

Tier 3

Executive Wellbeing Programs

(requires completion of Tiers 1 & 2)

Wellbeing programs are personalized and are structured in 3 x 2-hour sessions over 6-12 weeks

The programs focus very specifically on executives who require support in bringing balance to their lives while under pressure at work. Jonni facilities a program that ensures every aspect of an executive’s life is being nourished to ensure they have the resilience and capacity to consistently be fulfilling their potential.


Tier 4

Corporate Culture Strategy

(requires completion of Tiers 1 & 2)

This rollout of workshops generally happens in 3 phases and, depending on needs, can take 2-10 days.

Phase 1 - Jonni facilitates a workshop with senior team members to identify current challenges and define new goals

Phase 2 – Interviews with senior executives and staff provides Jonni with insights about the culture’s strengths and weaknesses. He then makes recommendations for the team to review and collaborate on.

Phase 3 – Jonni collaborates with key stakeholders to devise a rollout strategy and action plan.


Tier 5

Executive Consulting

(requires Tier 1-4)

This is a general consultation format made available to executives to refine personal and or corporate programs. This service is only available once a company has implemented tiers 1-4

Menu of services

Executive personal wellbeing programs

Middle and lower management personal wellbeing programs

Stress management

Emotional intelligence development

Leadership development

Team building

Inclusive communication skills

Colleague relationship development

Dispute resolution

Crisis management

Negotiation consultation

Career transition

Expansion strategy